February 15, 2013
Tattoed Beauties

It’s a rare occasion to see something in Grazia magazine and think, “how interesting”, but these photos of some of the first tattooed women are quite special.

Olive Oatman, 1858, raised by Mojave Indians

Jean Furella Carroll, 1920’s, Circus Performer

They come from new book ‘Bodies Of Subversion: A Secret History of Women and Tattoos’ by Margot Mifflin. Because tattooing is on the up, in case we hadn’t noticed.

February 6, 2013
Abandoned Mid-Century Houses

The ever curious Flavorpill have collected together revealing images of abandoned mid-century houses, from a concrete Frank Lloyd Wright house in Detroit, to a glass & wood Swedish summer house by Matthson. All are as beautiful in their eerie nudity as they might be renovated and filled with life.

Matthson exterior & interior

Lloyd Wright exterior & interiors


December 5, 2012
Ben Wilson’s Donky Bike

At last, a utility bike that we actually need. Near neighbour and all round design clever clogs Ben Wilson has designed a bike that is immensely practical, and looks good too.

Upgrading the idea of a basket or pannier in a major way, Ben has designed a bike that can carry heavy loads on the frame, so steering and handling are light, even at low speed.

You can nip out for the shopping or run errands on one of these, or visit friends with the dog and all your clutter strapped into a sizeable carrier on the front. Canny folk living on the canal will find it ideal for transporting gas and water bottles along the towpath.

The bike will be further develped to allow for personalised modifications, as well as child seats, and is available now for a very reasonably priced £499.


October 16, 2012
J.Glinert, Wilton Way, E8

This intriguing new shop on Wilton Way in Hackney is barely a few weeks old, but already favoring quality over quantity in a spartan approach to merchandising. The space is minimal, but warm and charming with it.

Selling unique home and hardware items alongside interesting magazines and art & interiors books, here you can pick up a Japanese pencil, a French grater, a German fountain pen, Italian soap…

The locally born & raised owner has cleverly persuaded the Hackney Society to dig out some of their older titles, including Hackney Houses and From Tower to Tower Block, which present a fascinating visual insight into Hackney pre-gentrification.

In a previous incarnation decades ago J.Glinert was also known as ‘Dalston Progressive Stores’, which seems fitting for this beacon of good taste on one of the borough’s nicest streets.

J.Glinert is at 71 Wilton Way, London E8 1BG and opens Thursday to Sunday, 11am - 7.30pm

October 2, 2012
You MADE IT onto your favourite blog Reggie!!

Merging in to his surroundings beautifully. Reggie the whippet with @russellsbandb heading from Walthamstow to Clapton, London - September 2012

You MADE IT onto your favourite blog Reggie!!


Merging in to his surroundings beautifully. Reggie the whippet with @russellsbandb heading from Walthamstow to Clapton, London - September 2012

(Source: dogsontrains)

September 5, 2012

August 7, 2012
Reggie hits the bottle at Borough Wines

We enjoyed the perfect sunny Hackney Saturday the other week, watching the Olympic torch pass through the area while sipping Prosecco at the launch of the new Borough Wines shop.

This new shop follows the fabulous L’Entrepot wine bar down by Hackney Downs, as well as shops on Wilton Way and in Deal (our favourite seaside town). If their shops were any closer we’d have a serious alcohol problem, such is the tantalising array on offer.

Kevin Murphy took some lovely photos of the day, capturing the jubilant atmosphere, even snapping our whippet Reggie.


July 14, 2012
The C-Types

Exuberant German band The C-Types came to stay while working at Toerag Studios down the road. When they weren’t engaging in Deutsche-banter or flicking through the pages of Elle Magazine, they managed to squeeze in some promo photos at the house.

Check out their raunchy garage rock here http://www.myspace.com/thectypes

May 25, 2012
Russell’s on The Real Bohemian


of Clapton is def. not your parent’s B&B. Live out some “cool Britannia” fantasies here next time you are in London.

with only 5 rooms you better book quick thou as Wallpaper* just got a whiff of them.

p.s. loving the resident pooch. His name is Reggie.


(Source: therealbohemian)

May 9, 2012
Food glorious food: London Borough of Jam

It’s taken a year of building up my confidence in the kitchen, but now I feel happy with the breakfast at Russell’s, and in particular the suppliers I’m working with.

Lillie O’Brien can be found selling her preserves at our local Sunday market, as well as in various discerning stores and eateries around her town. Having worked as a pastry chef at St John Bread & Wine, she knows a thing or two about flavour, and seasonality.

Her amazing preserves are now available at breakfast at Russell’s. We currently have Bergamot & Vanilla, Rhubarb & Rose, and Pear & Ginger, yum! Delicious spread over hot toast, or served with yoghurt & granola. And I couldn’t resist trying the Rhubarb & Rose baked into muffins…


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